Recently Published Article by Redfin-Why Eco Friendly Flooring and Design Elements

Why choosing eco-friendly floors matters
Environmentally friendly flooring is only one way to make your house more sustainable and
consider your home's impact on the environment. 
Natureworks Design LLC comments on wide-ranging reasons why you should go green, saying,
“Green is always a better choice when it comes to making a selection for your new or existing
home. Why? NO VOC's - your health matters first and foremost and shouldn’t be taken lightly.
We’re spending more time in our homes now, more than ever. Green-friendly products have just
as good wearability as traditional and have less impact on mother earth with less carbon
footprint and less landfill. Some great newer options to consider are hardwood and tile, as they
offer resale value.” 
They continue, “Eucalyptus happens to be a fabulous look over bamboo, so step out of the box.
Many of the same products are typically used. Don't get caught up in the yearly trends, as you’ll
date your home quickly. Stay classic in your permanent features and accent with pops of color
with fabrics, pillows, and upholstery. So many options are becoming available continually.
Support USA-made products when possible and your small business owners. We do make the
Whether you're aiming to reduce your carbon footprint or make a long-lasting upgrade to your home, choosing an environmentally friendly flooring option can help.
Originally published by Redfin
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