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Eco Safety

DuraSoy Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Semi-Gloss Sheen Gallon

DuraSoy Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Semi-Gloss Sheen Gallon

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DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer is one of the world's best industry game changing green chemistry, interior and exterior paint made with the highest grade resins and pigments. We incorporate bio-based, non toxic, and 100% recycled mineral fillers to deliver the optimum balance of performance, safety, and cost. Our advanced renewably sourced materials replicate and replace toxic solvents to achieve performance attributes second to none. No spatter, no drips, and virtually no odor that allow you to put paint where you want without the mess or fuss. ONE paint for interior or exterior and Paint & Primer in ONE!

The Difference:
  • Highest grade Rutile TiO2 pigment for better hide and more true colors.
  • Highest grade 100% water-based solvent free Acrylics for ultimate durability with interior and exterior compatibility without toxicity.
  • Bio-based carrier, co-solvents, plasticizers, and propylene glycol replacements to achieve maximum penetration, superior flow, film formation and solvent reduction.
  • Higher solids also equates to less water for more film build solids and better hide in fewer coats. Less product and less work reduces waste, time, and associated costs.
  • Reduce sick building syndrome by eliminating toxic solvents, exempt solvents, and noxious solvent odors that linger long after the project is complete.
  • 100% recycled mineral fillers that impart increased hardness and abrasion resistance without crystalline silica that are respiratory hazards found in clay, calcium carbonate, and other typical fillers commonly used.
  • The lowest cost high quality paint on the market in its class. Lowest cost per square foot also based on reduction of the number of coats and time savings.The perfect viscosity balance and spatter free flow that grips the brush or roller for precision application, yet versatile for conventional airless and hvlp sprayer applications. Water dilutable for spray applications if necessary.
While our competitors pride themselves on so-called "eco-friendly" paints that boast low or no V.O.C.'s, we go well beyond the V.O.C. hype which is only a fraction of the challenge in delivering a true industry game changer. The solution must balance sustainability, performance and value. DuraSoy ONE contains more sustainability and performance attributes than any paint in its class at a cost that is actually the same or less than the cheapest competitors paint brand when measured in true costs.
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