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DuraSoy ONE Paint + Primer, Eggshell, Factory Tinted

DuraSoy ONE Paint + Primer, Eggshell, Factory Tinted

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Welcome to a new era of painting experience with DuraSoy ONE Paint + Primer in Eggshell finish, factory tinted to seamlessly match your chosen color scheme.

Transforming your living spaces has never been easier thanks to this advanced formula. With DuraSoy ONE, you are not just painting; you are enhancing your surroundings with a premium, high-solids paint that revolutionizes the way you approach interior and exterior painting projects.

Unleash the power of 100% acrylics and a cutting-edge hybrid solvent-free resin, combined with our proprietary bio-renewable emulsion technology. This innovative composition ensures a lasting, durable finish that surpasses conventional paint standards.

Experience the benefits firsthand with DuraSoy ONE:

  • Superior Penetrating Bond: Say goodbye to paint that simply sits on the surface - our formula creates a profound bond that ensures long-lasting protection for various surfaces such as drywall, stucco, plaster, wood, or concrete.
  • Efflorescence Resistance and Stain Blocking: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your painted surfaces are shielded against efflorescence and unsightly stains, maintaining the pristine beauty of your spaces.

Immerse yourself in the application process with the spatter-free creamy flow that defines DuraSoy ONE. Seamlessly prime and protect your surfaces with efficiency, optimizing material usage, cutting down on painting time, and minimizing odors. Embrace a painting solution that not only enhances your environment but also minimizes environmental impact.

Step into a world where superior quality meets unparalleled performance. Elevate your painting projects with DuraSoy ONE Paint + Primer, a testament to innovation and excellence in every stroke.

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