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Natureworks Design

NATURA Passi Hex Gavi

NATURA Passi Hex Gavi

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Discover the elegance and durability of NATURA Passi Hex Gavi outdoor pavers by NATURA Esterno. Elevate the ambiance of your outdoor space with these sintered stone pavers that exude the charm of traditional materials aged beautifully by time.

Transform your garden, terrace, patio, or pathways with NATURA Passi, where impeccable aesthetics meet unbeatable technical features. Say goodbye to mundane footpaths as these pavers add a distinctive touch that captivates any eye that beholds them.

Unleash the full potential of your outdoor areas with NATURA Passi Hex Gavi that boast unparalleled qualities. Let the Anti-frost technology assure you that these pavers endure all weather conditions with grace, making them ideal for any outdoor setting.

  • Enhance the safety of your spaces with the Anti-slip surface that provides a secure footing for you and your loved ones, ensuring peace of mind at all times.
  • Experience longevity like never before with the color that does not fade, offering you a timeless appeal that withstands the test of time and seasons.

Available in various sizes, including Ø 24" - 20" x 2cm, NATURA Passi Hex Gavi pavers are designed to meet your unique outdoor design needs, paving the way for creativity and distinction in every corner of your outdoor haven.

  • MATERIAL: Sintered Stone
  • FORMAT: Pavers
  • SIZES: Ø 24" - 20" x 2cm
    • Anti-frost
    • Anti-slip
    • Colour Does not fade
    • Mildew & moss resistant
    • Temperature change resistant
    • Acid, chemical & salt resistant
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