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Penetrating Water Proofer Infused With Juniper

Penetrating Water Proofer Infused With Juniper

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Penetrating Water Proofer Infused with Juniper stabilizes and seals wood from the inside. Penetrating Water Proofer enters untreated wood to stabilize wood fibers and seal wood from the inside, extending wood life by controlling moisture flow to reduce mold, mildew and decay. Penetrating Water Proofer is clear and leaves no topcoat, allowing the wood’s color to age naturally.

Juniper is nature’s most effective wood preservative and a renewable, sustainable resource.  We recycle juniper from our neighbors at Caledonia Spirits™ who use pure grain spirits as a canvas to showcase the juniper berry and raw northern honey in their award winning Barr Hill Gin. Vermont Natural Coatings Penetrating Water Proofer reflects our commitment to our local agricultural roots by seeking better, cleaner and safer methods and ingredients for our products.

Where to Apply:

Penetrating Water Proofer should be used as a first coat on all properly prepared unsealed wood surfaces. Use on decks, railings, shake roofs, siding, fences, planters, outdoor furniture, log homes, structural flooring, interior woodwork and flooring. For pressure treated wood allow 3-6 months before application.


  • Lasting wood protection
  • Penetrates wood and seals from the inside
  • Inhibits mold and mildew
  • Stabilizes wood
  • Non-toxic, zero VOCs
  • Will cover 150-300 sq. ft./gal depending on wood porosity
  • Will not evaporate or wash away
  • Easy clean-up with soap and water
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