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About Me

Hi, I'm Rita Leadem! As an herbalist and the owner of Black Mountain Herbal, I'm committed to providing you the best personalized herbal recommendations to help improve your health. I have always been drawn to natural health care and taking charge of my own health through my diet, herbal teas, infused oils, tinctures, and salves. I dipped my toe into these waters by making natural beauty products with my best friend in college 20 years ago, and now I've turned my passion for natural healing into my business.

​Plant medicine is the oldest form of health care in the world. Our grandmothers knew which plants to turn into healing teas, which herbs to add to meals in order to aid digestion, how to apply a poultice of a fresh leaf to a bug bite to remove the sting, and what plants we needed to eat to maintain health every day. I am drawn to rekindle this ancient knowledge that is our birthright and share it with you.