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Double-Dome Wand

Double-Dome Wand

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Experience the sublime rejuvenating powers of the Double-Dome KO Wand, a masterpiece designed for indulgent spa-like massages within the comforts of your home. Crafted from pure Kansa metal, this exceptional wand draws inspiration from the ancient Ayurvedic Abhyanga practice, infusing your self-care routine with centuries-old wisdom.

Immerse yourself in the unique Double-Dome design that boasts two distinct dome sizes tailored for specific purposes. The smaller dome delicately caresses your facial contours with precision, while the larger dome delivers a revitalizing massage across your body, awakening your senses with each gentle glide.

  • Experience the versatility of two dome sizes for tailored facial and body massages.
  • Effortlessly improve circulation, reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles, and harmonize your skin tone.

Embrace the textured surface of the wand as it skims across your skin, releasing tension, stimulating blood flow, and imbuing your complexion with a radiant glow. Elevate your self-care rituals with a unique blend of sophistication and efficacy that pampers both your body and soul.

  • Material: Pure Kansa Metal
  • Usage: Facial and Body Massage
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