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Gheesutrā Hand and Foot Cream

Gheesutrā Hand and Foot Cream

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Indulge your hands and feet with the luxurious Gheesutrā Hand and Foot Cream, crafted with care to provide optimal hydration and nourishment. Harnessing the ancient Ayurvedic technique of 100-times washing of A2 milk ghee, this cream offers a pure and enriching experience for your skin.

Enriched with the goodness of Moringa and Bamboo extracts, this cream deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin as this cream works its magic, providing intense hydration and restoring moisture balance to your hands and feet.

  • Delivers intense hydration and moisture
  • Leaves skin soft, nourished, and revitalized

Protect your skin from harsh environmental stressors with this cream that forms a protective barrier, keeping your hands and feet shielded and healthy. Enjoy the smooth, rich texture that glides effortlessly over your skin, absorbing quickly without any greasy residue.

For all skin types, this cream is a versatile companion for your daily skincare routine. Simply apply as needed to your hands and feet, massaging gently for maximum absorption. Experience the soothing benefits of natural ingredients working together to pamper your skin.

  • Texture: Smooth, rich cream
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Use: Apply as needed to hands and feet
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