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Oatmeal Succulent Soap Green + Bath Bomb - Mountains to Sea

Oatmeal Succulent Soap Green + Bath Bomb - Mountains to Sea

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Transform your bath experience into a luxurious oasis with the Oatmeal Succulent Soap Green + Bath Bomb set by Mountains to Sea. Embrace indulgence and vitality with this handcrafted duo designed to elevate your self-care routine.

Unwind and rejuvenate as the Bath Bomb fizzles delicately in your tub, releasing a symphony of soothing scents and skin-nourishing ingredients. Let the worries of the day dissolve away as you immerse yourself in a world of botanical bliss.

Not just your average bath bomb, this unique set leaves you with a lasting treat – the Organic Oatmeal Succulent Soap. After the fizzy spectacle, enjoy the gentle touch of the soap enriched with the natural goodness of oatmeal, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Key features of this enchanting set:

  • Crafted with high-quality, vegan ingredients
  • Handmade with care to ensure artisanal perfection

Experience the magic of nature with each use as the mild colors of cosmetic-grade mica pigments create a visual symphony on your skin before gracefully washing off to reveal the pure oatmeal cream-colored soap beneath.

Elevate your self-care routine with a touch of herbal essence and botanical luxury. Feel the stresses of the day melt away in a fragrant embrace of artisanal craftsmanship and natural goodness.

This set is a tribute to relaxation, crafted for those who seek a moment of tranquility in their daily lives. Let the Mountains to Sea Oatmeal Succulent Soap Green + Bath Bomb set take you on a journey of self-pampering and rejuvenation.

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