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Welcome to the world of Antigua, where timeless elegance meets modern comfort. Antigua is not just any carpet; it is a statement piece that breathes sophistication into any room it graces.

Imagine walking on pure wool, feeling the softness under your feet, and knowing that it's not just any wool—it's 100% Pure New Wool, a mark of quality and luxury.

Designed to withstand the test of time, the pinstripes woven into Antigua bring a touch of classic style that has transcended thousands of years of fashion trends. The loop-pile texture adds a cozy, inviting feel, making Antigua the perfect choice for your home.

When you choose Antigua, you're not just selecting a carpet; you're bringing home a piece of Netherlands craftsmanship. Each roll of Antigua is a testament to the dedication and skill of Dutch artisans.

  • Experience the ultimate comfort with Antigua's 'home-spun', loop-pile texture
  • Enhance the elegance of your space with the formal touch of pinstripes

From the living room to the bedroom, Antigua's versatility shines through. This carpet is a seamless fit for any residential application, blending effortlessly with your existing decor while elevating the overall aesthetic.

With a width of 13 feet 2 inches, Antigua offers ample coverage, ensuring that every corner of your space is adorned with its luxurious charm.

Choose Antigua today and step into a world of timeless sophistication and unmatched comfort.

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