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Deep Cleanser

Deep Cleanser

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Discover the gentle yet effective Deep Cleanser that embodies the essence of traditional Ayurvedic skincare. Crafted with a blend of pure herbal ingredients, this cleanser goes beyond simple cleansing to nourish, refine, and deeply purify your skin without the harshness of soap.

Experience the soothing and hydrating power of papaya, red sandalwood, clay, yogurt, and honey powders combined in a versatile formula. This multi-functional product can be used as a cleanser, a highly nourishing mask, or a gentle scrub, catering to your skin's varied needs.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose product - acts as a cleanser, scrub, and mask
  • Purifies, nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes the skin

Immerse your skin in the benefits of this cleanser that draws out oil and impurities through polar attraction. Let its gentle exfoliating properties unveil smoother, healthier-looking skin with each use.

Indulge in a complete ingredient listing that includes a harmonious blend of white clay, honey powder, yogurt powder, barley flour, lemon peel powder, and an assortment of potent herbal powders - showcasing the richness of nature's bounty for your skin's well-being.

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