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Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

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Indulge your skin with the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, a rejuvenating clay mask designed to draw out impurities and reduce excess oil, leaving your skin clear, healthy, and radiant. Created with a blend of Grapefruit seed extract and white clay, this mask works to diminish shine and promote a fresh complexion.

Key Features:

  • Effectively purifies pores and absorbs excess oil for a clearer, less oily skin
  • Nourishes and revitalizes the skin, promoting a healthy glow

Formulated with a unique blend of ingredients, including structured energized water, Lavender essential oil, Aloe Barbadensis, and Neem powder, this mask offers a harmonious fusion of natural elements to provide your skin with the care it deserves. The addition of essential oils like Tea Tree, Clove, and Ravensara lends a refreshing and therapeutic aroma to your skincare routine.

Struggling with acneic skin? This versatile mask is suitable for acne-prone skin, gently aiding in the maintenance of a clean and balanced complexion. The synergistic combination of botanical extracts, minerals, and natural elements ensures a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.

Complete Ingredient Listing:

  • White clay, Glycerin (veg.), Mineral Oxide
  • Vegetable wax, Grapefruit seed extract, NaPCA, Glutamic Acid
  • Trimethylglycine, Lavender EO, CO2 extract of Neem
  • And a rich array of other beneficial components...
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