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Eco Safety

DuraSoy Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Velvet Sheen Gallon

DuraSoy Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Velvet Sheen Gallon

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Transform your living spaces with the revolutionary DuraSoy Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Velvet Sheen in a gallon size that offers premium quality and unparalleled sustainability.

Discover the power of bio-based, non-toxic paint that is eco-friendly and completely VOC-free, ensuring a safe environment for your family and the planet.

Why choose DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer? Here are two key benefits:

  • Utilizes highest grade Rutile TiO2 pigment for superior hide and vibrant colors.
  • Formulated with 100% water-based solvent-free Acrylics for exceptional durability, suitable for both interior and exterior applications without any harmful toxins.

Experience effortless application with no spatter, drips, or strong odors, allowing you to achieve professional results without the mess.

By incorporating bio-based materials and 100% recycled mineral fillers, DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer reduces environmental impact while delivering unmatched performance.

Not just another "eco-friendly" paint, DuraSoy ONE sets a new standard by combining sustainability, performance, and value without compromise.


  • Highest grade resins and pigments
  • 100% water-based
  • Zero VOCs
  • Advanced bio-based materials
  • 100% recycled mineral fillers
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