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Natureworks Design



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Discover the epitome of natural luxury with Gable. Crafted from 100% Wool Pile, this exquisite rug transcends mere floor coverings to become a work of art in your living space. The Woven Wilton loop-pile construction ensures both durability and a tactile experience that soothes your senses.

Immerse yourself in the organic opulence of Gable, where each fiber is a testament to quality and comfort. The 13’ width provides ample coverage for your room, while the subtle yet alluring pattern repeat of W 7.57" x L 0.88" adds a touch of understated elegance.

  • Experience the gentle balance and soft patterning inspired by nature, enriching your space with a harmonious vibe.
  • Indulge in the soothing feel of premium wool under your feet, offering warmth and comfort with every step.

Available in a sophisticated color palette including Ash, Dune, Laguna, Marine, and Pebble, Gable effortlessly complements a variety of interior design schemes, from modern minimalist to cozy coastal.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of style and serenity with Gable. Elevate your decor with a piece that transcends trends and exudes timeless elegance in every fiber.

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