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Natura Atelier Paonazzetto

Natura Atelier Paonazzetto

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Discover the sheer elegance and durability of Natura Atelier Paonazzetto from the prestigious Atelier Collection. Elevate your space with these high-performing engineered surfaces that redefine luxury.

Create stunning design concepts with Natura Sintered Stone that offers unparalleled sturdiness and surface resistance. Each slab is impermeable, ensuring long-lasting beauty that withstands scratches, heat, and UV rays. Crafted with advanced production techniques, these surfaces are not only food-safe and stainproof but also perfect for countertops and work surfaces.

Unleash your creativity with the classic yet modern Black hue that adds sophistication to any environment. The sleek finish options of Polished and Ultrasoft provide versatility for various design preferences, giving your project a unique touch of refinement.

  • Exceptional surface sturdiness and resistance
  • Timeless Black color option for a sophisticated look

Take advantage of the Natura Atelier Paonazzetto in the ideal size of 126" x 63" x 12mm, providing ample coverage for your surface needs. This exquisite stone also offers the unique feature of being available in bookmatched patterns, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your design.

  • Material: Sintered Stone
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 126″ x 63″ x 12mm
  • Finishes: Polished, Ultrasoft
  • Features: Available Bookmatched
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