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NATURA Passi Hex Carlino

NATURA Passi Hex Carlino

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Transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis with NATURA Passi Hex Carlino, a premium addition to the NATURA Esterno’s Passi Line collection. These sintered stone outdoor pavers boast superior aesthetic features that artfully replicate the charm of traditional materials weathered by time.

Enhance your garden, terrace, or patio with the distinctive touch of these hex-shaped pavers, reminiscent of natural wood slabs or stone, exuding elegance and modernity in every placement. Elevate the ambiance of your footpaths, pathways, or any outdoor area with NATURA Passi Hex Carlino.

Embodying both beauty and functionality, these pavers are engineered with numerous technical advantages:

  • Anti-frost properties to withstand various weather conditions
  • Anti-slip surface for added safety

Moreover, their color retention ensures long-lasting vibrancy while being resistant to mildew, moss, and temperature changes, making them a reliable choice for enduring outdoor beauty. Say goodbye to worries about acid, chemical, or salt damage as these pavers are built to resist it all.

Discover the elegance of NATURA Passi Hex Carlino in a round format of Ø 24″ - 20″ x 2cm, perfectly sized to create captivating patterns in your outdoor design. Let these pavers redefine your outdoor aesthetic, blending style and durability seamlessly.

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