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NATURA Passi Hex Jenne

NATURA Passi Hex Jenne

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Enhance the charm of your outdoor spaces with NATURA Passi Hex Jenne, a premium collection of sintered stone outdoor pavers that exude elegance and durability.

Designed to mimic the timeless appeal of weathered wood slabs and natural stone, NATURA Passi Hex Jenne adds a distinctive flair to any garden, terrace, patio, or walkway. Its superior aesthetic features combined with high technical performance make it the perfect choice for modern outdoor design.

With NATURA Passi Hex Jenne, experience a seamless blend of beauty and functionality. The pavers boast anti-frost properties, ensuring they withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising on style. Their anti-slip surface provides safety and stability, making them ideal for pathways and walkways.

  • Anti-frost properties for year-round resilience
  • Anti-slip surface for safe outdoor use

These outdoor pavers are resistant to color fading, mildew, moss, as well as fluctuations in temperature. From resisting acids, chemicals, and salts to withstanding the test of time, NATURA Passi Hex Jenne is a reliable choice for outdoor flooring that requires minimal maintenance.

  • Color does not fade, maintaining its aesthetic appeal
  • Minimal maintenance for long-lasting beauty
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