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Organic Castor Oil 3.38oz | 100% Pure, Hexane-Free, Extra Virgin

Organic Castor Oil 3.38oz | 100% Pure, Hexane-Free, Extra Virgin

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Discover the natural goodness of Organic Castor Oil in this convenient 3.38oz bottle. This versatile oil is a must-have for your beauty and wellness routine.

Unlock the potential of this 100% pure, USDA certified organic, hexane-free, and extra virgin Castor Oil. Nourish your skin, hair, lashes, and brows with this multipurpose oil that also doubles as a gentle makeup remover and moisturizer.

  • Rich in skin-loving nutrients like vitamin E, omegas, and polyphenols
  • Contains ricinoleic acid to help balance inflammation

Experience the many ways you can incorporate Castor Oil into your daily rituals. From moisturizing your hair to soothing massages, this oil does it all. Create your DIY beauty concoctions with ease or indulge in Castor Oil Packs for a truly relaxing experience.

Unveil the age-old secret of Castor Oil that has been cherished for centuries across various cultures. Let its deep-penetrating properties nourish your skin and promote overall well-being.

  • Supports constipation and digestion
  • Promotes microbiome balance and deeper sleep

Embrace the benefits of this amber glass-bottled elixir and elevate your self-care routine with the wholesome goodness of Organic Castor Oil.

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