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Eco Safety

TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain

TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain

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The world's best true penetrating natural wood stain that is non toxic, eco-friendly, engineered to preserve, protect, and beautify natural wood substrates without combustible or toxic solvents. Non-film forming wood stain chemistry will not flake or peel. Recoats or maintenance touch ups do not require stripping in most cases. Achieve more Green Building LEED attributes than any other wood stain technology with superior professional grade performance. The best balance of sustainability, performance and value. Typical coverage rates are 400-600 sq.ft. per gallon which is more than 2X's compared to conventional wood stains and is less than $.10 per sq.ft. Have a bulk OEM application? Contact us for special OEM programs and custom wood stain formulations!

The Difference:

  • Bio-based carrier, co-solvents, and propylene glycol replacements to achieve maximum penetration, superior lap free flow, integral bonding, and solvent reduction.
  • Crystalline Silica Free.
  • Our bio-based ingredients imparts an essential natural oil-like characteristic that helps preserve, protect and beautifies natural wood substrates.
  • Integral bonding that won't flake or peel versus the typical film forming technology found with competitive water-based acrylic stains. This allows maintenance recoats without stripping.
  • Versatile application techniques deliver the fastest dry times and return to service versus competitive technology. Touch or walk on in as little as 30 minutes.
  • The penetrating technology avoids accidental dust, dirt, or other contaminants getting into a film during application avoiding significant repair work and delays.
  • Higher spread rate delivers up to 2 times more coverage compared to competitive acrylic stains saving product, time and costs.
  • Reduce sick building syndrome by eliminating toxic solvents, exempt solvents, and noxious solvent odors that linger long after the project is complete.
  • Flexible application techniques capable of using brushes, stain pads, airless sprayer, hvlp sprayer, air brush, and more.
  • Superior U.V. protection with high performance commercial water-based zero V.O.C. pigments. Colorfast ratings for standard colors average 8-10 on a 10 point scale.
  • Also available is our optional zero V.O.C. Infrared Reflective (I.R.) pigments for maximum solar reflectance, chemical, and exterior U.V. protection.
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